Tech Talk

What to do when coming out of new car warranty

Car manufacturers would love for you to buy a new car every time your warranty expires. However, you may want to invest your money in property or a well-deserved holiday.

If the vehicle suits your needs and you want to maintain its reliability and to get the most out of it economically, why not establish a maintenance schedule with Ron Hill Auto and Transmissions – an independent vehicle repair shop? 

You may consider introducing a six-monthly service interval instead of a drawn out 12 months one, especially if your car sees heavy duty usage or does a lot of stop and go trips.

Things like automatic transmission fluid changes, power steering fluid changes, brake fluid flushing, four-wheel-drive transfer case and differential oil changes, and coolant changes are all serviceable items, which are much needed when the end of the factory warranty has arrived. These are often overlooked due to the stretched-out minimal fixed price service structure that manufacturers have adopted, purposely leaving these items out, which is okay for short-term ownership but could cause problems for long-term owners. These items can be managed or budgeted for in order of priority to spread out the cost.

If you are looking to maintain the investment you made, contact us here at Ron Hill’s to help with all your new and near new car needs!