The Extreme Valve Body Upgrade

The Ticket To Extreme and Competition Driving

This series of upgrades are really about going to the NEXT LEVEL. Shift duration is further reduced as pressure and volume are increased dramatically to make the transmission fit for harsher driving styles and highly modified engines.

Take it to the Next Level

With the Extreme Valve Body Upgrade, your transmission will be able to handle all that extreme power from your highly modified engine and output boosters such as larger turbos, superchargers, high flow intakes and the like.

The changes and procedures are similar to the Nomad Valve Body Upgrade but there is a perceivable decrease in driver comfort due to even higher clutch clamping pressure, but if you are into competition or extreme off road driving then this is the valve body you want.

You may also consider fitting an upgraded torque convertor. These convertors result from racing developments and are built with super strong internals with large needle thrust bearings, mechanical diodes, strengthened roller clutch, modified stator to alter the coupling characteristics and of course a much larger and more robust lock up clutch plate. All the fins are furnace brazed and they come with a solid billet steel back and fortified spout to counter “ballooning” when pressures and RPM’s are increased.

These mods will result in an extremely tough and robust, sharp shifting transmission to compliment major engine enhancements. Of course, if your vehicle is not being driven in an extreme way or if it is the grocery getter (Mum’s taxi) then the Valve Body Upgrade would be the better choice.

Manufacturers spend huge amounts of money on engineering to get a vehicle’s transmission matched to the engine’s performance. To add engine modifications without matching the transmission’s shifting strategy will result in a much shorter transmission service life. Talk to us about upgrading your transmission performance with your engine mods and ensure a long life for your automatic.

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