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Ron Hill Automatics service all vehicle models on the Australian market. We regularly work on four wheel drives, utes, family cars, SUVs, european imports and light trucks. During our 46 plus years in business, we’ve serviced and repaired everything from exotic sports cars to vintage classics. If it has 4 wheels, chances are we can help!

Four Wheel Drive

Four / All Wheel Drive Vehicles benefit greatly from regular transmission servicing

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we are very lucky to live in the centre of 4WD activity. Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach are world famous attractions just hours away. Recreational use such as beach driving and towing, demands higher workload compared to regular daily driving. Four wheel driving can stress the transmission components. We see a large volume of repairs that can be easily avoided with a regular transmission maintenance schedule.

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Transmission fluid is the drive medium, the cooling medium and of course the lubrication medium. It is a high specification oil that contains additive chemicals to keep gasket seals soft while dealing with a wide range of temperatures; anti-foaming agents to maintain the oil stability for the hydraulic controls; detergent additives to keep clutch faces free from glazing and to keep hydraulic circuits clean.

The transmission fluid is continually heated and cooled during operation. This cycle results in the oxidising and breaking down of the additives which in turn can lead to premature component failures.

With regular transmission servicing you can expect to double or triple the life expectancy of your automatic transmission

Regular maintenance can determine the difference between a few hundred dollars a year in servicing costs or a catastrophic failure costing thousands while on holidays. While some choose to believe the transmission is sealed for life and the manufacturer certainly has his agenda for minimising servicing costs, at Ron Hill Auto, we strongly advocate that prevention is better than cure.

If we can help you avoid a transmission failure then we have done our job well!

We work on all Four Wheel Drives including All Wheel Drive and Sports Utility Vehicles such as Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee, Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Toyota Land Cruiser, RAV and Kluger, Nissan Patrol, X Trail, all Subaru models, Mitsubishi Pajero, Outlander, Isuzu DMAX, Ford, Holden, European models plus much more …

European Imports

Protect your prestige imports from costly repairs

Imported vehicles are generally perceived to be of premier quality and drivers expect more from them. Our 46 plus years of experience in transmission repairs shows us that european imports also benefit from regular transmission servicing to insure against costly failures.

The Australian climate sees many of these models in trouble due to our warm temperatures

There are a large variety of different transmission fluids used in imported vehicles. These are expensive and the consequences of wrong fluid choice can result in costly damages to the unit. On top of that, there are also a variety of techniques involved in performing fluid checks and oil changes as most of the European vehicles now involve checking levels at very specific temperatures.

Why not leave your vehicle maintenance to our expert mechanics?

We service all European and British models from premier family cars made by Renault, Peugeot, Volvo and Volkswagen to luxury brands such as Jaguar, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. We also regularly work on Japanese and Asian premier brands like Lexus, Infiniti, Kia and Genesis.

Family Cars

Reliable motoring for your family’s safety

The familiar Ford and Holden now feature imported five and six-speed transmissions. The manufacturers have been pushing towards complete unit replacement upon the development of faults rather than allowing customers to buy individual parts and conduct repairs.

Gone are the days when Ford and Holden Transmissions stocked the shelves in the Ron Hill Workshop. Today’s vehicle range has hundreds of choices, far too many to stock. Your family may require an 8 seater 4WD whilst your neighbour may be happy with a 5 seater Ford Focus.

There hasn’t been a mechanical device built that doesn’t wear out, regular servicing plus fluid change is the only proven way to extend a unit’s service life. It makes great sense to have a service schedule in place to maximise the reliability of a transmission rather than risk a break down during the school run or school holidays!

Classics, Customs, and Commercials

(Almost) Anything on 4 wheels

As fellow motoring enthusiasts, we understand your passion to keep your treasured classics and customs in excellent working order. On the other hand, if you are a commercial vehicle operator, there is nothing more important than keeping your fleet working for you by minimising downtime.

For many of these specialised vehicles, parts and specialist knowledge could be scarce to come by. As you would be well versed with the importance and benefits of scheduled maintenance when it comes to extending transmission service life, why not let our experts taking care of it for you?

With more than 46 years experience backing us, we know a bit about transmissions!

We service and repair light trucks including Dodge Ram, Ford “F” Series, Toyota Hilux and commercial vans such as Iveco Daily and Ford Transit. For classic and custom cars, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss your needs!

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