Automatic Transmission Service Requirements

Even with all the upgrades available, we can’t stress enough the Importance of Maintenance.

Repeated heat cycles with an average count of four shifts per kilometre (city driving) during normal day-to-day use can lead to contaminated and oxidised transmission fluid. The additive package in the oil quickly depletes and the oil can become abrasive.
Typically the transmission doesn’t get serviced while the vehicle is under warranty. As all oils have a service life, the fluid is usually well past its use-by date by the time the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
The cost of repairing a transmission is worth avoiding, not only because of the sum of money involved but the sheer inconvenience as sometimes there are few warning signs of a failure and you can be in a remote location when the breakdown happens!
Nothing beats regular fluid changes.
We recommend transmission oil changes every 40,000km or every 24 months to give the unit the best chance of a long life.

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