Tech Talk

4WD Performance Modifications

We are a nation of 4WD lovers. From the humble school run to crossing the Simpson Desert, we are in love with these versatile machines.

Modifications are the big wow factor these days – lift kits, bigger wheels and tyres, differential lockers and performance chips.

Any one of these modifications is a great addition to your car, and together they make the vehicle into an awesome outback weapon!

When doing these mods there is often a major component that is forgotten – THE EXTRA LOAD. The stress that the drive train and automatic transmission have to deal with in recreational driving is huge.

Heat is the biggest killer of an automatic transmission and with the extra weight, it can soon build up and develop into a serious problem.

Our team at Ron Hills have a solution – an extra oil cooler fitted in the correct spot on your 4WD will prove great results in making your transmission last longer by lowering oil temperatures. This is just one of the many modifications we offer to give your 4WD transmission a long and healthy life.

We can retrofit most 4WD’s on the market. We have fitted one to the workshop 4WD and there is a marked difference in towing temperature in the transmission.

Stay cooler for longer with a mod from Ron Hills!