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TECH INFO – Landrover Discovery

The check engine light displays and slip codes are stored in the computer

Landrover Discovery

Nine times out of ten the transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle because of these codes. The main reason the internal clutches will fail is due to bush wear from the stator bush – fourth, fifth and sixth clutch drum bushes are worn.

The transmission sees that these clutches are slipping and then throws relevant ratio codes. When the clutches are removed and inspected they show hot marks where the clutch is slipping. The separator plate shows swelling and wear caused from lack of transmission servicing due to DIRTY oil contamination.



The customer complaint can vary…

    • Light on dash transmission / FAILSAFE
    • May feel SLIPPING when in drive
    • LOCKED in fourth gear
    • Fourth and reverse GEARS ONLY
    • SLUGGISH on take off


  • These complaints usually start once the van or camper trailer is hooked on and driven down the road. We get the phone call on Monday morning saying that the check engine light came on but has now gone off and all seems good that is until the load is hooked back on. This is the beginning of the end and there are now major problems starting in the transmission.
  • The key is preventing this scenario with extra cooling if towing and regular servicing of the transmission 40,000km or 2 years for the Landrover Discovery.