Valve Body Upgrade

Your Towing and 4WDing Confidence Booster

The Valve Body Upgrade will give you extra confidence when tackling heavy duty off-roading and TOWING by improving the shifts and reduce slipping in your transmission.

It can handle the toughest mother nature can throw at it and give you better heat management, better fuel consumption and a greater driving experience.

It’s all in the Valve Body

The valve body is the brain and heart of an automatic transmission. When a manufacturer designs a transmission they go to great lengths to make sure the gear shifts smoothly and comfortably as that is what the general consumer expects. Soft shifts are ok for light duty and normal day to day use in built-up areas.

When you hook up a heavy caravan or trailer and go 4WDing then the demands on the transmission change. For increased load, the shift duration ideally needs to be shortened to ensure a firmer shift to reduce the chance of clutch slippage and the resulting heat build-up within the clutch packs.

As an independent transmission and 4WD specialist, we go much further in researching load compensation than car makers as that area holds no interest for the vehicle manufacturer. Our repair records* show that by recalibrating the valve body, transmission clutch life under heavy towing conditions can be improved dramatically while losing very little driver comfort.

The Valve Body Upgrade re-calibrates the hydraulic valve body to provide shorter duration shifts while under load. This is achieved by increased pressure and volume to enable the clutch packs to apply quicker and with greater clamping force. When the transmission changes ratio there is less slippage, ensuring a longer clutch life. This upgrade also increases the transmission’s coolant flow circuits, resulting in better heat dissipation. Greater control on descents is another added bonus.

The Valve Body Upgrade will give you extra confidence for off-roading and towing.

We highly recommend this upgrade be carried out in conjunction with any engine performance improvements. As engine tunes alter the torque curve, they often adversely affect transmission behaviour and shift quality, with our upgrades you can be sure your automatic transmission does not become the weakest link.

*Records from 1975 when our business was established, to this date.

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