Tech Talk


5 Signs it’s time to service your transmission



1. Strange Noises

If you hear grinding noises, stop and check your transmission fluid

Fluid should be bright red, not brown or black

If the fluid level is fine, but fluid is brown, it’s definitely time for a transmission service to help prolong the life of your transmission 


2. Shifting Troubles

Clean transmission fluid is essential for automatic transmissions

A dirty transmission can cause you to have shift concerns

Changing the fluid will keep your transmission running trouble free

3. Gears Slipping









Your transmission needs pressure to keep it shifting properly

A dirty transmission can impede the flow of the fluid that creates this pressure

Dirt & contamination must be flushed to keep your transmission running properly


4. Surging

Have you noticed your car surges forward or falls back unexpectedly?

Gears need a clean, consistent flow of fluid to operate smoothly

Dirty transmission fluid contains build up that effects its flow

Inconsistent handling can be scary & even hazardous in traffic


5. Delays

Normally, your vehicle should be able to move as soon as it’s put into gear

Watch for stalling or a few second delay between shifting & moving

Delays can mean that you already have a serious transmission problem

Maintaining your service schedule including your transmission will give you the best result by only spending what is required to maintain a safe and reliable vehicle.